What a Silly Girl I am:

July 1, 2011
By CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
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What a silly girl I am, who can’t even keep myself in line.
I’ve always been the unwise fool; never talking or doing as I should.
I’ve got a silly mind, a silly fear, a silly garb branded “Insecure”.
To render panic when there’s nothing there.
Sometimes I just make it worse, then curse myself for all my worth,
But patience please, it’s all I ask. For a silly girl is hard to track.
Now I feel your annoyance so I fumble here, humiliating the referee
As I strain to shed this silly me
And search for an end to all I do.
Although nothing ever seems to really come through; except the candid words “I’m sorry dear and that is true”.
Mainly for curdling the minutes to calamity when all I want is us smiling.
So I pace this stifling room in dismal pursuit of words to make this day as jovial as yesterday.
But all vocabulary has seemed to flee, to leave my gut in nauseating anxiety.
For you see, this silly I, known as me, am trying franticly to make amends and make things clean;
To color up this dreary scene lurking inside of awkward me.
So I implore you to please absolve the foolishness of your silly love.

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