its just not fair

August 2, 2011
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its unfair
its unfair what she has to go through
because someone took advantage
she has to cry alone
because no one believes her
she should never have to be alone
after all that shes been though
today its been a month
and things arn't any easier
to know no one believes her
its just not fair
why do people ahve to suffer
why can't god make it go away
I hate that I cant be there
to hug her and tell it will be alright
but instead he does whats he wants
and she suffers from the pain
he killled her hopes
and took away her freedom
her teen years are destroyed
because of one man
one man who did her wrong
and killed her spirit
how can someone do that
and live with it
knowing he lied
knowing that he hurt her
one month today
my friends smile was washed away
by a man with no remorse
no heart
and no means to do good
Im sorry that people have gone through this
and probably always will
when I hear things on the news
my heart breaks into 2
not a day goes by I dont think
og how much he took away
to know someone could do that
makes me wanna pray
that all these people suffer
for how they made others suffer
they should all go to jail
and die in pain
including that one man
This feeling inside of her will never go away
the fun of it is gone
because on one guy
one guy that didn't think
didn't care
didn't do the right thing

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