August 2, 2011
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Slowly, deeply, darkly it grew, I watched as every moment that passed by my heart became an abyss in which my soul has sunken into.
Every moment from which has passed, has been a moment that I will never see again, a moment so beautiful it takes your breath away, a moment so painful you dare wish upon another star.
In these eyes you have given me, the light in which my path be lit, shows its radiance through my rain, through my haze, through every which pain I have ever been haunted with.
In this heart that you have started to fix, is the pain of every moment spent in love, a love that did not last, a love that hurts every moment still, a love that bound me to a man in which he chose to give up.
But to see those eyes that peer through my pain, to see them search me like an open door frame, is like to wish on a forgotten desire held in time by the fragment of past, present and future.
To wish on something long forgotten is like to wish on dream that will never be, is like to wish you were someone you were never meant to be, is like to wish on the love you were always meant to see.
Neither you nor I, know what the future holds.
We can only do those silly things like wish on a forgotten star, try to see through a closed door, live in every moment in which has passed you by.
Love is a virtue in which it should be cherished.
Love is a word often used by the wrong tongue.
Love is an emotion that every human wishes to explore.
Love is meant to be broken.
However, my love was meant to be repaired by you...

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