A woman's poem

August 4, 2011
By Metaphorofreality BRONZE, Uniondale, New York
Metaphorofreality BRONZE, Uniondale, New York
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For too long
I have seen beautiful pearls
Cast before swine
It is incomprehensible
The damage that we bring to our spirits
The sins we commit against our bodies
How could you go back to him?
I can still feel the rhythmic vibrations of your shaking body
The soundwaves from your lonely cries still linger in my ear
Can you feel your increasing heartbeat
As you walk back inside of that house

She explains to me that this is love
Love is afterall a battlefield
That would explain the scars running
From the side of her thigh to her left breast

It is unexplainable
The pains that we subject ourselves to
The spirit of silence that binds our lips
Suffocates our voices
While we are enslaved to the end results of fatherless men
Prideful beings with little capacity for love
We allow them to buy our valuable freedom with sweet nothings
How do we end up here?

Stop rationalizing
Lonely dinnners
Forgotten anniversaries
smashed windows
And blood stained floors
Discolorations of your skin
You were not born with swollen blue eyes

Walk away from broken mirrors
Look into crystal clear love streams
And gaze at the remains of your beauty

Allow the path of teardrops from your past
To lead you to a place of redemption
I will be there
With signs hailing our freedom
Come to a place of love
We have long awaited your arrival
Come my wounded body
Unite with spirit and soul

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