What You Do To Me

August 5, 2011
I stare at you and wonder do you think of me?
I see your shimmering blue eyes that remind me of oceans
I see your golden hair so gentle to the touch
I long to feel your luscious lips caress mine
I long to be accepted by you and a part of your life
If I asked you to stay would you do me that one thing?
If I asked you to kiss me would you press your lips to mine?
I want you to stay with me and never leave
To want to be with me forever and always
To be able to kiss you when I want
And to love you always
Cause baby you make me come alive with just one word you say to me
One look at me I fall apart and melt down
When I see you butterflies fill my stomach
My heart stops and I have to take in your beauty
Your porcelain skin, your perfect body
You make the sun outside shine
You make the oceans shimmer
You make the world a better place for me
I’m falling for you so fast that I can’t even see the floor while I’m falling

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