Just friends ?

August 12, 2011
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We were good friends,
We told each other everything,
your a guy,
I'm a girl,
i thought everything was gonna work out,
i was wrong,
it only took me four tines to realize,
that you don't really love me.
I'm tired of the excuses,
and the "I'm sorry."
they are driving me nuts.
this tI'me i believed you,
and everything was alright.
it seemed as if you cared & loved me,
but apparently you changed your mind.
you were going to be my first love,
and you were...
but why'd you leave me ?
when you said you wouldn't.
i want you back,
but i don't want another disappointment.
you said you were different,
not like the rest.
in the beginning,
we were great,
but then you acted different,
and barely talked to me.
you said you wouldn't leave,
but you did,
so you ended up like the rest,
after you promised not to.
why are you acting like this ?
its like we just met,
all over again.

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