People Love Muffins

August 12, 2011
By TellMeAStory BRONZE, Lagrangeville, New York
TellMeAStory BRONZE, Lagrangeville, New York
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Too fat
Too skinny
Too small
Too tall
Who cares?
Why should we feel ashamed
of the body we were given?
Is it fair for my self esteem to be lowered
every time I walk into a mall?
Just because I think I'm too big
and the clothes seem too small?
Or when I watch a friend
stare hopelessly at her appearance
because her chest isn't as big as mine,
am I supposed to feel fine?
Why is it that we focus so much on how we look
and neglect how we feel about it?
Instead of hating the way I look because I'm not a size 0
I'll love myself because I'm a size 16
I'm proud of the way I wear my clothes
and I don't care if people feel like my shirt is too tight
and my pants don't fit right
and I have a muffin top.

People love muffins.

The author's comments:
I wrote it because i felt like it. It's silly but serious in a way. It was a big hit at camp :D

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