Mad World

August 13, 2011
By Anonymous

This world,
It’s losing its mind.
I can’t make sense of anything,
What’s happening to mankind?

I turned on the news,
Just an hour ago,
I was simply going to kill time,
But now it has created a mime.

I can’t breathe,
The stories fill me with horror,
Creating an empty space,
Draining blood from my heart.

This is not my world,
It cannot be.
So many brave,
So many lost.
All in one day,
My heart breaks.
So young,
So kind,
I wish I could save you.

A tragic day,
It fades without any special memory.
I will not forget.
I refuse to forget.

The commercials return,
Smiling bright,
Actors so happy,
Everything will make my life better.
What about the other lives?

I see the riots,
I stare, transfixed upon the sight,
The largest fire I have ever seen,
It engulfs the building,
As well as my heart.

I’m terrified that someone would start that,
Create that,
Who could light the match?

A woman jumps from a window,
It reminds me of the movies,
The spy narrowly escapes the fire,
But this is no movie,
That is no spy,
Just a real life escape,
Others aren’t so lucky.

One man was shot,
And it caused an outrage,
They are upset and hurt,
It starts their attack.
Innocent people are being killed,
Isn’t that what they want to fight?

This isn’t a world,
This is a war,
We fight wars to end wars,
Where is the sense?

Look at history,
There are heroes,
The ones who didn’t strike,
And who were successful.

This world will never be all calm,
We cannot all get along.
But we can help to stop the craziness.

Police are called murderers,
My protectors, their killers?
Neighbors make mistakes,
He can’t make that night disappear.

This world is insane,
It’s lost its mind,
Any reason or rhyme,
We’re all going crazy with time.

Stop it.

Mourn the lost,
Hold the hurt,
Heal the broken,
Love yourself.

Where there’s war,
Make peace.
Don’t argue with more than words.

You have felt the hurt,
You know the wounds of death,
Let us not create more.

Everyone needs to open their eyes,
See this world for what it is,
And make it something else.

Come down from your forts,
Build bridges and mend hearts.
This world has no brain,
That’s not our biggest problem,
Minds aren’t always the answer.

This world,
Our world,
These people,
We need to think with heart,
We need to love.

Stop the madness,
Spread love,
Give hope,
Be help.
Let our world have heart.

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