August 13, 2011
I look at you
with longing eyes
hoping just once
that you would look at me and say hi

I look all around
and i think immature
but you seem like a girl
who could shed light on a different nature

Seeing you everyday
is harder than any test I'll take
just seeing your name
is enough to make my heart race

We were together once
I was head over heals
but then you ended it
and my world became he**

And now things are over
and things are done
the final bell
has sung its last song

Any chance i might of had
now vanishes with the word: congratulations
But I'll try and be okay
After all, its time for a new chapter to come into play

Life is full of ups and downs
who knows what will happen ten minutes from now?
Life is an adventure
with chances to chase many other endeavors

One day I'll find her
One day you'll see
she'll make me happier
than you ever made me

we'd last forever
that's what you told me
forever is a lot shorter
than i hoped it would be

Baby we were breakable
like a moth to a flame
The stars weren't aligned
and now are destinies have been defined

But one day I'll find her
one day you'll see
she'll say the same things you said to me
and we'll be invincible

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