August 10, 2011
close your heart
open your eyes
this is not a lullaby
cross my heart
hope not to die
save my life
before death tonight
i promise to love you
forever and always
my life's at risk
don't make a noise
your my angel
soft and sweet
help me now
I'm yours to keep
your my everything
my one in all
i love you so much
don't let me fall
shall my life end
before we speak
hear me out
i go to sleep
i rest in peace
your on my mind
your in my dreams
its not your fault
i did this to me
you tried to help
you almost saved me
I'm sorry i did this
to me to us
just think of me happy
in the land of peace
ill think of you
wherever i am
i loved you so much
this was not the plan
it wasn't meant to happen
i didn't mean to do it
it was all so sudden
it all turned to bad
i had no answers
to the things i quest
just remember i love you
wherever i am
no matter what happens
your my one and only
the thing i wanted most
it wasn't your fault
you came so close
I'm in your heart
I'm in your dreams
I'm wherever you want
no matter what it means

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