Love at 16

August 9, 2011
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Love has the power to heal
Love has the power to annoy
Love has the power to build
Love has the power to destroy

What is the true meaning of love? I cannot say
For love is unique to all, in its own way
I was just 16 when I fell for her
If my heart be diseased, her love is the cure

At first I thought it would not mean much
But forever was I hooked, the moment that we touched
I just wish I would have told her
That I would have done anything just to hold her

For a while, I was happy just to see her smile
Because for her, I would have gone that extra mile
But what a shame it is, that unrequited love exists
Whilst cupid’s bow remains a myth

The people say she is not the one, but to me she is by far second to none
You see I let no one, not even my brother, let others, decide who is best for another
So if I want her love that I do so dare, then the lonely lover’s burden I do so bear
But that is the price for my true love, so that is why, prepared I have come

I cannot explain why I feel this way
But she is the reason I enjoy the day
She is the reason I get up to play
And she is the reason I choose to stay

With her, it was much more than physical attraction
I loved her from her soul to her accent
Before my love was once revealed, all emotions prior, lied concealed
But now she controls all my feelings, yes, she has the wheel, she has my heart, my soul, my Achilles Heel

So to be honest
She keeps me modest
But to put it raw
She keeps me in awe

She is why I have my own personality
She is why I have my own originality
She is why I have my own spirituality
She is why I have my own reality

Every word I write I have her in mind
I could not bear to think a life with her not in mine
I would not dare do a thing to make her cry
I love her too much to not put her before I

Whenever she is fine I am fine
Because in my mind she is fine on my time so with my mind, all is right
But whenever she cries I cry
Because in my mind she cries due to hard times on my time so with my mind, that is my crime

For her, I would gladly die for her
But you see, my love, her mind is pure
She rather have my life ensured only more tenured
Than then tenure I have insured

So if I was wise, I would hold her every night
Look her in the eyes and strongly imply
That with all my might, I would conquer every and any strife, to buy eternal life, for her and I
In the blink of an eye, and all because I can call her mine

That way we would always have each other
That way we would forever be lovers
So to this day I forever still love her
Whilst others just judge her like a book by its cover

So to term my words in laymen’s
There is a path to love, but I cannot trace it
The chemistry may be complex but the math is basic
Her plus I equals lives of greatness
Love was never a lie for why animals mated, Love is what comprised our souls to be sacred

Oh, and if the life in her eyes begins to fade and shutter
I will open her mind to the wonders above her
So when it is time for my love to say goodbye to me and others
There will not be a doubt in her mind, that she was my, one and only, true lover

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