I don't like You.

August 9, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Want know what I don’t like?
I don’t like lies.
I don’t like to hear you tell me what you’d never do,
Because I always believe you.

I don’t like being hurt,
But some days that’s all I get,
I feel as if the world is against me,
Happy isn’t the easiest thing to be.

I don’t like backstabbers,
I don’t like what they do,
I really wish I’d get a clue,
Because I keep getting stuck to them like glue.

I don’t like lies,
I don’t like being hurt,
I don’t like backstabbers,
And I certainly don’t like you.

I know I messed up,
But I’ve always been honest with you,
I never lied,
Never thought you’d fail too.

Truth comes out slow,
And lately I’ve gotten a lot of it,
It sucks to know,
And now you.

I said I didn’t care,
And that’s not what I’m upset about,
I could honestly care less,
If you’d just confess.

Tell me the truth,
Don’t lie,
Because you know what I don’t like,
I don’t like lies.
And right now,
I really don’t like you.

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