I Could Touch The Stars

August 5, 2011
I could touch the stars.

I could sweep my hands and send meteors shooting towards the ground on which I stand.

I could breathe the solar winds.

I could exhale and send solar flares light years from my mouth to your ears.

I could hear the galaxies.

I felt the bass and the trills send waves of happiness through me and think of how beautiful it seemed.

I could smell the void.

I could breathe in the vacuum that is space and exhale my own life force back into the abyss.

I could see the universe.

I saw the universe swell and shrink; I could hold the galaxies inside of my hand.

I could taste the elements.

I could experience the freedom of the fluorine, the royalty of the gold, and hydrogen's indifference.

I could do all of this.

But then you touched me
Held me
Spoke to me
Loved me.

I lost this ability. I lost the worlds and galaxies that I once held familiar and dear to my heart.

I traded the world and universe for your love.

Was it worth it?

I believe so.

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