August 9, 2011
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I can't look at myself without feeling remorse
What have I done...this s*** cannot get worse.
I feel like I have committed the highest price of treason
I don't understand it, reason after reason.
If we lived back in barbaric times
Death would have found me a long while ago.
Why does our society not offer that?
I sometimes wish I would just be punished.
I love my family and friends more than i can express
Why do they love me back?
Maybe they just haven't caught on yet
I wish, godmother, to take back all my wrongs.
Why do people always think perfection of the
The princess doesn't wish to live in her kingdom
She yearns to run away.
She loves them all, so very much
But that is why she must go.
So, Mother and Father,
Will you forgive me;
For traveling this path,
With no sensible reason?

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