Remnant of a memory

August 7, 2011
By Angeleyes12 SILVER, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
Angeleyes12 SILVER, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
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Looking at the stars,
Everytime thinking of you, 
Reminding me of something i stole,
Something dear and precious to you.

The day we first met, 
You must have slipped it in my pocket,
Not noticing until now, 
Because it's a big, red, mushy, gooey, slime

I tried to repair it,
Patches and all,
Nothing tangible can fix it,
I'm sorry, I tried.

Well, I stole your heart, broke it
And tried to mend it
Sorry, but here you go,
It left a big red stain in my pocket

The author's comments:
It reminds me of a boy i know

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