August 7, 2011
By 7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
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All that we see or seem is but a dream withen a dream.

Games that are bad dont get played, dont worry i'll play with those bad games until they get good.

They say when you die you see your life flash before your eyes. Make it worth watching.
I wanted to use you, but you have nothing I need. Nothing. You're an empty vessel...

You're a little too 3D for a 2D girl. The more real you are, the more problems boys will have with you...

His hearts up in the air, nobody knows where it will land or who will catch it...

Things have changed, sooner than expected but I won't let these things change me, these things do frighten me and worry me but I will be strong I will not let my decision be swayed. People will hate me for my choice but people will hate me when they find out what has happened. I hope for those that understand and those that are still willing to accept me even after the choices I've made, if there is nobody who will then I will not mind being alone. It's nice to feel other peoples warmth but it's just as important to feel the chill of loneliness. I can't be what is expected of me, not this soon anyway, I'll stay strong but it doesn't mean I won't show my weakness. I'll enjoy how things will unfold and yet I'll also hate it, just because I don't smile doesn't mean I'm displeased it just means I'm wondering how to overcome this challenge. Do not worry for I enjoy my time with you all so I would hate to cut it short, a lot of things are going to change I just hope my decisions still have the favor of someone in the end, so I won't be completely alone when the dust settles.

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