August 6, 2011
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You were the center of me,

You taught me how to love myself again.

And you taught me how to be loved again,

I thought that no matter what,

Nothing bad could ever happen with you.

I made myself believe that fate would skip over us,

But we couldn't hide ourselves from time,

No matter how much we tried to hide behind our love.

It found us and took you in spite.

I had never felt such a piercing pain before,

Swallowing me in a mass of tears, pain, and confusion.

I don't what's real and what's not,

I don't know what to trust anymore.

You are gone, but are you really?

You still seem to linger,

You seem to haunt me,

Your touch sneaking around

And finding it's familiar place on my hand.

But there's no warmth left,

Just a ghostly wisp that still holds some love

In it's transparent tips.

You are always with me,

Always right behind me.

Using me as your one tie to humanity,

But I can't chase you away.

Regardless of whether you're not all there,

I still love the part of you that died

And left a ghost to hug me in the night.

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