Your Smile.

July 25, 2011
When I look at you there is so much I see..
But even those things are few and far between..
They have nothing on the person you are all together..
The person that I love..
Your smile can brighten the rainiest of days..
Your touch can warm the coldest of winters..
Your eyes can out shine the sun..
Because you are so amazing just the way you are..
I would never change you..
I would never leave you..
I would always cherish you..
If you would just do the same..
Let me into your heart..
So I can cradle it..
And treat it like my world..
Let me into your universe..
So I can help clean out the darkness that resides there..
Let me into your life..
So I can teach you what true love is all about..
Cause your smile is something worth fighting for..
Live life and laugh..
Your to amazing to waste sorrow on anything..
So smile..
Not because of the bad times..
But because of the good..
Past and future..
Because baby if there is one thing I have to say..
Your smile is my world..And I will do anything to see it..<333

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