Easy is not always the best

July 25, 2011
Life is hard, but no one said it was going to be easy.

Life is filled with choices; right or wrong; good or bad.

We make mistakes and learning from them makes us who we are.

Our choices are decided by our hearts and our heads, for we are our own person.

We should not let our choices be tempted or persuaded by our peers.

As we walk in life, we pave the roads to our future, our destiny, and my friends, when you walk down that road in life, which we all at one time walk, you will have to make that dear decision, for when you come to that fork in the road, promise me my friend you will look both ways.

Look right, down the path that is worn down with footprints and flowers that once held beauty, slowly fades away.

Look deep down that path, the road and see how smooth, with almost no bumps, how it seems like such an easy life and simple at best.

Look as far as the eye can see, wilting flowers and a smooth path… the simple life.

Look left, your second choice, the path that bares no markings.

The path is filled with bumps and curves to almost the very end.

See how half way through the path, it starts to smooth out?

How even the flowers and trees seem to lean in, anticipation, for your fist step down the path you decide on.

Remember always that our lives and paths are not carved into stone naturally.

We, unique individuals, make our own choices and pave our own paths; it is undecided and always ours.

Be strong my friends, for life is never fair.

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