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August 5, 2011
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You see the dream. You know its a journey.
But dont give up. The vision's still blurry.
Just paint the picture. It'll take some time.
Stitch the stitches. Dont fall, just climb.

Its never hopeless. Dreams can be reality.
We all know its hard and sometimes insanity.
Its no reason to stop, no reason to cramp.
Take doubt by the neck and just start to clamp.
Clamp down on the doubt. Cease its breathing.
And once you do this. Youll start seeing.
Watch yourself get better. It'll Happen.
Youll see the changes. just dont start slacking.
Feel like the best. Feel never better.
Forget the hate. Feel better than ever.

Get close to the top? Now dont wanna stop?
Its all now so easy and this might sound cheesy
but the others seem sleepy. They stayed in one place and just look so easy.
Easy to take. Easy to step on. They stuck to the bottom.
And now youre the teflon. You dont stick to anything but dont ever slip.
While theyre in the raft, youre on the ship.

Eventually shine. You never stop growing.
Get faster and faster. Dont think about slowing.
You then start showing and still you keep going.
Slap hate in the face and silence the crowing.

You're living your dream. Not living in fear.
The end isnt near. Just start to steer.
Youre moving elsewhere. Far from the hate.
You cant stop moving. Cause more dreams await.

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