The Thing

July 31, 2011
By cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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There is a void
somewhere in the darkness
i can feel the cold serenity
as the beasts stalk out of sight
not out of mind
the terror is real
but the feeling is opaque
I know i am alone
that the visions are fake
but the pain they inflict
is more surreal
I feel the thirst
driving through their veins
i feel their breathe
sufficating an cold
I recognize the claws
that rip at my chest this day
for though they arent here
though I am safe
my scars rebuke me
my heart runs cold
my vision fails me
the breathe beats down on me
the darkness thickens
euthanasia powers their fangs
the soul escapes
leaving its devastated shell
the euthanasia takes over
the beast feasts.

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