On a rainy afternoon, I imagined myself as a fish

July 31, 2011
By Anonymous

Please let me be swallowed
By the hot heavy waters of the ocean.
Let the water be a starless midnight blue
Not a calm clean clear where I can see (almost touch) the grainy bottom.
Please let me be naked,
So that the rough salt rubs by skin into newness,
So that I am no longer impure, unwanted, unhappy.
Maybe then, I’ll learn to swim like the fish,
And I’ll swim, and swim, and swim
Into the murky green-grey of a river,
Finding it harder to see and even harder to breath
But just as free
Because water can never be as limiting as gravity.
And maybe there I’ll navigate through solitary tires
And cut myself on broken beer bottles…
But all will be ok because they will be up there and will be down here
And I will no longer have to be
One of them.

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