I am me

July 31, 2011
don't worry about how you look,
dont say your fat when your not.
dont say your ugly when your beutiful,
dont say your weak when your strong.
Don't say your nothing when your everything.
Dont say your alone when we are all togehter
Live life now, or never.
look in the mirror, what do you see?
do you see a beuty queen, or a wanna be?
Do you recongnizie who you see?
Make your reflection your own, and live life how you want.
Say to yourself..
I am me, and im glad to be who i am today.
Foget about the mistakes, let the past go, and take a step forward in life.
reach out, set goals, challenge yourself, and live your dreams!
Now look in the mirror and say, I am me!(:

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