in control-my life

July 31, 2011
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life is nothing but an open road
each day you have a new canvas
that no one but you controls
you can use colours
or shades
or nothing at all
no mistakes
or regrets
just you
and only you decide
you pick who you let in
and who you hide from
you can delete people
and even try to undo
no matter what you choose
you can’t make a mistake
because it’s what you want
don't let people push you around
or get hold of the marker
don't let someone trick to you
into believing they really care
when they'd rather push you down
and put you in despair
if this does happen
which it probably will
embrace it
and show it that you don’t care
that you have the power
and that you are strong inside
you won’t stoop to low levels
to get pay back on them
just remember a simple quote
I say to myself every day
as soon as I wake up
ready to start the day

I am beautiful
I am strong
I choose my path
where I belong
no one can control me
it’s my life
and I only one
so I'll make the best of it !

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