Slice Me Open

July 30, 2011
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every scar meant for you
every tear because of you
blood rushed out to let it out
and no one knew who it was about
i had to bleed for people to see
the pain i carry with me
and my scars only remind me day by day
the pain i went through and what i never say
permanent marks spread through my skin
neither letting them out or letting them in
i was so afraid to speak
that instead i let my blood leak
tried the rope of death
to stop my very own breath
thinking it was the only way out
but knowing it was the easy way out
leaving so many behind
but i didn't mind
heartless soul
because the real me is buried deep in a hole
I'm too weak to get the real me back
because there's so much strength i lack
alliances that walk me there
thinking that it's only fair
if you slice me open then all you will find
is a shattered heart and a tormented mind
haunting memories that make you say
that everything will never be okay
the most I'mportant thing to me
snatched from my undeveloped body
how do i live with such nightmare
even awake i have them it's not fair
i walk on a string all the tI'me
above shallow water way up high
I'll slip one day to face my fears
and I'll drown in my own empty tears
i woke from the dead
from that cold hard bed
the girl you knew
died thanks to you
so numb i like the pain
that you repeatedly call insane
the pleasure I'm feeling
pushes me further from my healing
gushing liquid the color red
from my very own skin i shed
now do me a favor and use that blade
to slice me open and let me fade
die in your arms and disappear
because the real me will never reappear
dead soul controlled by nothing
only leads to the end of everything
all you knew
i killed because of you
now kill this body that take up space
and sI'mply forget my face
erase what you call life
with your very own knife
they hate to see me sad
because i lost everything i ever had
because apparently I'm too selfish with them
the empty girl i am i will always be
she died why can't you see
kill what's left; this body shallow with blood
use the scissors and spill her blood
to rest in peace because after all
you could have helped her but you watched her fall
you made her staying only be a while
and ripped the happiness off her smile
oh so young she died
and you smiled as she cried
after all
she was never there at all
shattered pieces that float in the air
a broken puzzle you can never repair
pull the trigger
end the problem before it gets bigger
to the ground let this body fall
it won't matter because we won't care at all
finish me so they will stop hoping
for her to come back just slice me open
slice me open
as you sliced her open

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cheetoz45680 said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 3:26 pm
basically almost my entire life
secrets_of_silence replied...
Oct. 31, 2011 at 8:43 pm
nnggwwwwww.....*hugs* this is amazing
cheetoz45680 replied...
Nov. 16, 2011 at 1:14 pm
tank u :3 meens lots
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