True Love Is Suicide

August 3, 2011
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I'm risking my heart.

I'm risking my soul.

I'm risking my very sanity

On your heart alone.

Am I making a mistake?

I don't want to know.

Because being in love

Is being numb

To all the risks you're taking.

I won't know if I was stupid

Until I'm already hurting.

And I'll burn your pictures,

And I'll curse you're very name.

But I can only blame me.

Love is a blindfold,

Letting us be momentarily blind

To the warning signs in front of us.

At least until the wall is torn down.

Then we hurt and we cry,

And we ask ourselves why

We let ourselves love in the first place.

But there is no answer.

I think we do it for the numbness

And the exhiliration.

Because that is what makes

All the hurt and pain worth it,

So that we risk doing it again...

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