Dear Him

August 3, 2011
By Macy Schalliol BRONZE, Lake Mathews, California
Macy Schalliol BRONZE, Lake Mathews, California
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Dear him,

I'm sitting here alone.
alone, like I have been
ever since you left.
You whispered that goodbye so clearly in my ear...
my heart still pounds
my head still throbs
And my skin still tingles
where you touched me so softly...
where you kissed my forehead so gently
and held my heart in your hand.
My heart, trusting you,
bound itself to your touch
it sent veins into your hand
and thrived.
You helped me to live.
While you were living on that high
I was living off your love.
When you became immune to my kiss
you took my heart
and pulled.
Blood, and veins, and parts of you
slid from your hand
You walked away
my very source of life decided
that one life was not yet worth another.
So now my tattered, beating heart
So faintly breathes
as you walk away unscathed
with blood from my heart
my soul
and my mind
running through you.
You are unstoppable
on top of the world
and im stuck here
at the bottom away from the throne in which you sit
Alone like i have been,
ever since you left.

Love, Me
I Still Love You more than life itself

The author's comments:
haha i had just gone through a "breakup" and i was sitting down just thinking about how i was alone and how when we had still been together, i was never really alone. {:
i hope you like it!


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