Late Teen Slumber Party

June 21, 2011
By Anonymous

everything looks clean in the glow of late night tv
the avid smoker is up at 4:39 to take a puff
she scans her facebook page
using the landline to call her buddies
her cell is charging
how we got home
hitched a ride from partial stranger
we all know John though
fit 6 in a five seater
the host is knocked out
lost in the sweet haze
arm hanging off her recliner
horror movie plays on the screen
beetles and fireflies
stick to the bottoms of shoes
rubbed into the soles
scrambled eggs and apples
littered on paper plates
eaten and forgotten
one needs attention at break of dawn
one needs a bed to lie on
the last simply needs
to transcribe her thoughts
in ink, lead, 12 font new roman
party begins at point A
wake up 5am at point Z

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