Down Stalinbrooke Drive

July 26, 2011
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It was a long time ago
I made a promise to you,
To be there forever
And never give up what we had.
Long enough for the meadow where we used to lay,
Flowers wilt,
Grass grows long enough to cover the stone we etched upon;
“Here is the spot we will always remember,
Being something we can’t replace,
Her and I,
Him and me”
Before he left without a trace.
Now I’m destined to sit between
The birch tree and the bench,
Wondering if I’ll ever again venture
Down Stalinbrooke drive.

We were just children
In the grass by the hill,
Singing along to songs we’ve heard
A thousand times,
But singing them still.
You’d say this place had magic,
But the road long since has been closed down
Now it just belongs to
Me and him
Him and I
And we’d let time fly like a sparrow
Wasting away the sun-scorched hours
Unti he had to leave,
With his head as bare as
The wallets in our jeans,
With the needle in his arm
And his hands cold and clammy.
I’d thought we’d live forever,
But ever since he left the one of us alive,
Forever I’ll be adverse to see
Our cherry tree bloom
And take a walk down Stalinbrooke Drive

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