No More Harm

July 15, 2011
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I know, I know I shouldn't cry,
but as I look down
I see everyone sigh,
and upon every face there is a frown.

Not guilty is what the judge states!
I can vouch that is simply not true,
but those jurors bite the hook she baits
even though her believers are so few.

Why can't I tell them my story?
Why won't they believe my small silent form?
Why can't I make them see?
Don't they know destruction can't come without the storm?

Don't they know she wears a mask?
I believed the illusion once too,
but that was before I simply became a task;
a chore to her; and before in my death she did pursue.

Now I see her for the monster she has become.
No longer do i see my mommy.
I see the woman who stopped the pitter patter of my heart's drum.
In the wet and cold, she abandoned me.

Left me behind as if I were nothing.
Had a ball with her life, was the life of the party
Her thoughts never considering
That my life was the only fee.

However, to spare this payment, she did not care.
But I know people do care about me.
I hear the prayers all these people share.
Even though they don't know me, they care more than she.

But why wasn't justice served?
Why was she set free?
When I lay in a hole, my remains preserved?
When free I'll never again be?

But don't worry about me,
Because with the angels I soar
And safe i will always be
She can harm me no more!

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