Sing Her Song

August 1, 2011
A prison wall she built herself
Brick stacked high an attempt to hide
Isolation- thick, dark walls
No one must see in
And yet, she gazes at the bright blue sky,
wishing she could sing again.
A spirit as free as the birds overhead
A body trapped inside the walls
Unable to feel the wind
The spirit knows what the mind does not
Sees what she has turned away.
Deep inside these thick black walls,
A ray of hope shines in
A life not yet gone astray
The white thick clouds call her soul where her body cannot follow
But season after season and time after time
the ray can only grow.
Gazing at the sky overhead.
She knows where she must go, and what must be done
To escape the walls of her personal prison,
And forever,
Sing her song

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