June 10, 2011
By Anonymous


I was trapped
My mind, my body, and my soul
all trapped
Isolation and unfathomable suffering trapped my mind
Locked doors and padded walls confined my body
The serious faces of the men with fierce weapons kept my heated emotions locked inside
My soul was trapped by lonely days and constant fear
Society ostracized me as well as the others
Through those years I was trapped
I constantly thought of my childhood, flying colorful kites and inhaling the fresh piney air of the mountains
I reminisced my mother’s laughter, her smile engraved in my mind
I longed to be free
I’ll never remember why they dragged me there in the first place
That is forever a mystery to me...

My imagination wandered
The men in the white smocks stalked me through the hallways
Their racing footsteps made my heart thump and my forehead bead with sweat
As I peered through the small window in my quarters,
I saw carts wheel away with men strapped down and the screams they released pained my ears
Days went by, and each day I witnessed a human being treated like an animal
These animals were dragged onto these carts where they were completely immobilized and rolled away where their terrified screams were born
I constantly wondered, was I next?
I saw men taken down to the room with intelligent faces and returning days later with bandaged heads and blank, empty and in-comprehensive faces
I saw the pain in the eyes of all who passed
I sat in my somber silent room daily
I stolled through the zoo that trapped me
Monstrous spiked fences closed us inside
The cold brick buildings stared me down as I past
Women in white passed, water engulfing their eyes as they wheeled a lump of white sheets to another brick building
I’m sure those lumps of sheets were headed onto a better journey there
Finally the day I had feared came for me
I heard the keys of the guard man jingle, struggling to open the lock
I shook violently
I sat in the corner of my dark room fearing what fate would have in sore for me
I thought,
Was today the day I could once again hear my mother’s laugh?
Was today the day I would be sent with the lumps of sheets that passed?
Was today the day I could once again be happy?
The men in whit had eyes of fire and the bodies of monsters
It was as if one of my childhood nightmares came to life
They attacked from behind and tied me to a cart
This was the ultimate entrapment, my body, my mind and my soul
all trapped
The monsters strapped me down to a cold chair and attached me to various colored wires they assured me that the treatment was not painful
they lied
A short, sharp shock permeated through my body
The shakes were uncontrollable, no amount of restrain could withstand the violent compulsions
My mind was lost
My body in pain
My soul had flown away with the colorful kites of my childhood
In the sky, I was free
There, I was trapped
My mind, my body, my soul
All trapped

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