Follow Your Heart

June 9, 2011
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Never once did I understand
What people would say
“Follow your heart”.

“What else would I follow?”
I did ask
But never did I further question the task.

That is until now
When thoughts solicit my mind.
Thoughts of A Walking Contradiction.

My heart says, “I need you”.
But my mind says, “I don’t”.
What does this mean?
What do I do?

I know without you I’d be miserable
To that both my mind and heart agree,
Yet my mind still wants me to flee.

What should I do?
I do want to stay.
These ideas eat my life away,
Slowly and painfully bite by bite.
Please supplant these thoughts, I pray!

Advice needed.
Help pleaded.
But I keep getting the same answers.

“Do what is best.”
“The choice is yours.”
… And last but not least is the answer
I long ago released.

“Follow your heart.”
Now I understand what I must do.
I must follow my heart…

I will stay
I will trust
And I will always love you.

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