July 8, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Would you say sorry,
If I asked politely?
What does it take,
To make you apologize?

The way you use your words,
How you use them against me,
Why, if words were knifes,
I’d be long dead,
From the number of wounds,
Many of which were created,
By your hand.

If I fall upon my knees,
If I let you see the scars on my stomach,
If I let you see the tears I cried last night,
If I show you all the writing that you inspired,
Then would you apologize?

You will never know what you have done to me,
I will hide it far away from you,
You may always think I was unflappable,
Oh how I wish I was.
You are the truly untouchable one.
Your coldness shall always remain,
And no matter what I was to do,
You shall never apologize,
Not today, tomorrow, or in three weeks.
You aren’t able to fathom apologizes,
Because people who apologize,
Are those who have hearts.

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