Hear me now

May 4, 2011
By meera BRONZE, Pelham, Alabama
meera BRONZE, Pelham, Alabama
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You say you’ll listen to me
Are you listening?
You lie to me
Never once was a promise fulfilled

So much has happened to me
Are you listening?
Why can’t you hear

My pleas?

I need your help
Are you listening?
I’m so tired

So tired now

Of you backing me in corners
Are you listening?
Your backhanded words
Hurt me,

Stab me,

Inject me with venom

This poison is spreading through my limbs
Are you listening?
The infection races through my veins

Until it is only Wrath that flows through them

Even a timid mouse will fight back
Are you listening?
My claws are extended,

I’m warning you.

But you don’t hear me,
Do you?
Because you’re not listening
Not anymore

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