July 23, 2011
They rise as the pavement
smolders in the heat of this hellish noontime.
The vapors twist the world into distorted swirls,
making the road a graveyard
resurrected in the sunlight.
They wander aimlessly in the skies,
sending shivers down spines,
inspiring songs.
They gather in the drainpipes,
moving beneath the soles of their abandoned kin.
They float in the seas of memory,
sometimes splashing wildly,
other times
drowning in forget.
They deceive the careless,
planting themselves beneath the rocky soil
of conscience.
Up sprouts the once-forgotten memories;
guilt blossoms.
Other times they violate the walls of rooms
and creep over clothes,
greedily inhaling the scent of those who have replaced them.
They clamber up shoulders and rip inside the minds;
Look at the world through eyes again.

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