No Feelings Needed

July 23, 2011
By PoeticHeart SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
PoeticHeart SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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I smile and wave happily
She frowns and shakes her head
I embrace her and laugh loudly;
She shrugs, quietly waiting

I think of how much I love him
She thinks of how much she can’t trust him
I feel my heart buzz when I hear his name
She feels nothing; no vibrant motion

I never doubted her
She always doubted me
I knew I couldn't trust her,
She knew she couldn't trust me

I knew we would never get along
She knew we were two different people
But put into one sound body
We knew each other so well,
Because she was me

The author's comments:
I think I wrote this poem after listening to my best friend talk about how she's always unsure about how she feels when she dates someone. I got this idea of having two sides of you; optimistic and pessimistic. Like the drama masks, there's always a side of you that doesn't believe that it's going to work out, but then again... there is still that one side that always has hope.

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