Desperation For My Shadow

July 23, 2011
My Shadow Moves And Sways With Me

Darker, Yet Light Reflects To Form

It's Company When I'm Lonesome

And Comfort When Things Are Out Of Norm

As I Gently Lay To Sleep

After A Havoc Of A Day

My Shadow Sings My Lullabies

So I Beckon It To Stay.

When Times Collapse Into The Dark

My Shadow Disappears

All It's Comfort And All It's Warmth

Soon Escapes My Years.

It Taunts Me With It's Hollow Songs

And Distant Melodies

It Darts Through Time

Escaping Me

No Longer Creating Harmony.

Soon I Hope My Shadow Will


The Love From At Least One Small Thing

Is All I Truly Yearn.

Shadow Please Come Back To


Whispering Me To Sleep

Make the Darkness Disappear

Scare Away The Fear

That Tomorrow May Weep.

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