I Miss My Best Friend

June 7, 2011
I miss my best friend

The people on the outside will never get me the way you do

The laughs
The inside jokes
The tears
The comfortable weird conversations

No one will ever understand the way you do

I miss my best friend

Just as a soul mate equals out their lover you level out my crazy thoughts

Now as I hurt the people next to me I question what goes through my head

I have an illness that is missing its medicine

This medicine used to be given by you and it kept me some what in-line

I miss my best friend

To see a friend struggle is about as bad as watching an innocent animal be beaten right in front of your eyes


It hurts to see her in pain

It hurts to not be able to help her

But it hurts most to not know the future

Will she always be here to call me bestie?

I miss my best friend

I look to the future the way that beaten animal looks at it’s abuser

Afraid of what comes next

I miss my best friend <3

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