July 26, 2011
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I arise to the day to find a flat, gray world
The clouds are dull, the trees mostly bare,
But there’s more
Tiny chickadees skitter among the shrubbery,
An elegant scrub jay struts along the fence,
Adding a splash of color
A talkative breeze whispers through the early morning,
A chubby gray squirrel unnecessarily feasts upon supple sunflower seeds
Chitter, chitter, squeak!
A robin calls from afar,
Trees chatter to all who listen,
And somewhere,
A lone brook babbles on and on.
A flat, gray world
Full of life
While the gray ground peers at the gray sky,
There is more than greets the eye
There is everything in nothing
And now,
As we spy upon this secret world,
Can you feel the bustle of life?

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