July 26, 2011
Dearest Lillian,
come away with me
where the trees are green and thick
and the vines are tiny tendrils of green silk
clinging to your skin like babies fingers.
Come away with me,
dearest love,
and bathe in clear springs,
beneath dappled leaves, where we can make memories
and relive passionate lives.
Lillian, I will find roses for you,
creamy roses to match the color of your skin,
and daisies to plait into your hair.
I will find garments for you,
silky and fine,
made of lace and pink thread.
I will find slippers to fit your dainty feet,
so that we may dance together
in old streets.
Lillian, I will carve statues of you,
and bring you gifts of faraway scents and pleasures.
We will go to the sea,
to the meadow,
and walk in white snow and along long, salty shores.
Come love me, Lillian,
and I will love you more.
Come away with me, Lillian,
where the trees are green and the world can be yours.

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