Before I Go

June 3, 2011
One Heartbeat
A Single Breath
These are all I have left
Wounded… I lay here dying
My life violently cut short
Do I waste my last few moments on foolish things
Cursing God
Screaming out in pain and rage
I will hold on just a bit longer
I have failed in the most important aspect of life
I am filled with regret
I lay on this cold ground
This asphalt and concrete my death bed
My bloody and ruined body a piece of horrific art created by Death’s cruel specter
I hear the sound of running feet and words of encouragement
But I know my time has come
I feel my life flowing
My soul is departing
But I cling and grasp to this cruel and twisted body
I demand to stay in this cold uncaring land
I have one more task before I go
I turn and with the strength only the dead and dying know grab onto my only hope
Looking into the eyes of the paramedic a rich brown
I am gifted with a sight few every see
A human unselfish and loving
But I push that aside
I take my blood covered and shattered hand and force him to look at me
Understand me
I thrust a picture into his hands
He looks on in confusion and worry
I can fill the pull of Death
I smile and say
“Tell her I loved her everyday and I’m sorry for everything!”
With my task complete
My heart comes to a final stop
My soul rises from my body
And I begin a new journey.

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Lia692 said...
Mar. 21, 2012 at 8:59 pm
Very blunt, but not in a bad way. Good line with "the strength only the dead and dying know".
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