Lost Humanity

June 3, 2011
By Amber72272 SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Amber72272 SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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"You Are What You Say You Are You Do What You Say You Can"

French Philosopher Albert Cammus once said; In such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners it is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners. - end quote.

On May 1st of this year Osama Bin-Laden was found and killed, that very night citizens of the United States of America began celebrating...

Some celebrated the removal of a threat others celebrated a chance to progress - most... most of us celebrated Bin-Laden's death.

What happened in our society that allows us not to feel sorrow but...joy when a fellow human being is killed?

Sure this guy was different, he wasn't like your next-door neighbor, no he was a terrorist,

He was also a father, a cousin, a son...a child.

It makes me wonder about what the world has come to when we willingly celebrate the death of a child.

Because I live in the US I should feel happy Osama Bin-Laden is no longer a threat and I am but does that mean I shuold be rejoicing because the man is dead?

The fact that so many people seem to have lost their humanity in this turn of events scares me but I know where there is hope,

I know the power of one,

The power of one can breathe new life and slaughter millions,

The power of one could change the world and be written about in our children's history books and the cool thing is, we all have it,

The power of one is living in you and I today and the world needs to see it,

Be the change,

Be the reason society becomes humane again,

Be the reason a Columbine or 911 never happens again

- you have the power of one so use it wisely

The author's comments:
Some people may feel this is controversial I think It's thought provoking - we need to think if we want to even hope for a chance of continued life on Earth

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