Soft Spot

June 3, 2011
RisaLovesYouu GOLD,
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Favorite Quote:
Don't settle for a spark.. light a fire.

Your Name Raps Around My Mind More Than My HeartBeats In A Day .

Your Smile , Is A Stunning Killer . Your Laugh , Makes The Air Breathable .

Your Eyes Look Right Past Me , Never At Me .

You Say Words That I Want To Here , In That Soothing Voice Of Yours .

You Stride Towards Me , With That Twinkle In Your Eye .

Your So Close , I Held My Breath . The Twinkle In Your Eye Was Tear .

Your Smile Merged Into A Snear . I Walked Closer , You Kept Walking Away .

Pretty Boys , Aren't Always Perfect . They Have Soft Spots And Secrets Too .

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