Yeah, I'm that kind of girl

July 21, 2011
By junglejuice SILVER, Hillsborough, California
junglejuice SILVER, Hillsborough, California
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Yeah, I’m that kind of girl
Its 12 30 pm when I just wake up
Dark messy room, I should probably clean up
My ipod is still playing that blink 182
My hair is big and curly, my clothes are still on too
That sure was a fun late Friday night hangin with my crew

I slowly make it out of bed
To go get something for my head
I check my phone for texts I missed
There are too many for a list
I sit and look at the hairties on my wrist

Then I must go look in the mirror
I see the face that has grown over this year
I put on some eyeliner and I’m ready to go
My life is a show
And this you should know

And you also should know I’m not that type of girl
Who wears sparkly pink skirts and dresses that make me wanna hurl
When you see me out you will see me in the same
Destroyed skinny jeans, a band t-shirt and a jacket to keep up my name
All that kissy-kissy girly-girl pink stuff is just lame

Ill blast my led zeppelin whenever I want
And I stomp in my old high top converse like I’m ready to haunt
Yeah and if you’re a boy, oh don’t get all smart
Cuz’ I’ll give you a kiss that may be too tart
And I can guarantee it’ll hurt right in the heart

No don’t mess with me, this tough little girl
Or ill give you a knockin’ that’ll send you a swirl
Because I don’t do that gossip, drama or the cliques
So if your one of those girls who ever picks
On one of my girls I’ll…well lets just say I have my tricks

I like to run free and ride my skateboard along
And put some independence and empowerment into a song
I wont let anyone tell me about who I’m supposed to be
No not even about what I should or should not see
Because no matter what no one can take that reckless and young out of me

My life is just a party I love to have my fun
Because I was born a free soul right underneath this sun
I dress just how I want to dress
I live like a slob and make my own mess
And stay out late partying with my boys, oh yes!

I see people staring at me all the time
I just take it as a compliment I’m refreshing like a lime
I am always so hungry I could eat a big cow
All these girls eat their salads I just don’t know how
When I finish my main course my boyfriend says oh please take a bow

Yes, I know you think it’s horrid how I blast my music too loud
And burp when I’m at the table even though its not allowed
But this is who I am and who I love to be
I live my life like it’s a rock show just loud, fun and free
But maybe if you just listened you could see

I’m doing what I want not following the others
Who sit in and read all day and live life like they’re mothers
I stand for being an individual and stepping outside the trends
I put on a smile and protect who I love from whatever this life sends
And I am not fake, don’t talk about them or do mean things to these people I call friends

Its 12 30 am, I will not go to sleep
And no I am not at home about to go weep
I am 15 years old I’m out making trouble living my best years of my life
Maybe I’ll settle down when I am a wife
But I’ve been sitting here too long to want to think of what rhymes with wife!

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