July 16, 2011
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I've always wondered what absolute happiness is,
but I've discovered something that comes pretty close,
the sound of music,and the harmony of my body,flowing with it,
The rhythm of the universe,gives me hope,
And direction,to go along with the symphony,
the psalms of divergence,the aria of peace.
The grace of my soul,the agility of this treacherous body,
push me to become one with the beast.
The addiction of a spotlight,the liability of an encore,
which holds me back,instead of letting me be.
I wonder,if it is an infatuation,that would flee,
once the time drags by,and the light fades,
[Image]Or,is it true love,that stays with me till death do us part?
But now I am sure,because I realised,
that I was not an escapist,that it was not a weakness,
But the strength that held me,to face those trials.
Some call it dance,I call it the inspiration,
Of my life,my being,my poetry,my insanity.

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