Mother Nature

July 16, 2011
By veganbatmanbabyy BRONZE, Ft.Mitchell, Alabama
veganbatmanbabyy BRONZE, Ft.Mitchell, Alabama
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I peer through the windows of space
I look upon your puzzled face
You don't understand it,
You wonder what I am

I am fire and ice
I'm what petal is to flower, wave is to water
I bring the green to the trees, flowers, and shrubs
I put the stars in the sky,
I make the birds fly

What will happen next?
What will happen later?

What am I?
I'm mother nature

The author's comments:
Two years ago, in my eighth grade writing club, I was asked to write a simple poem on the spot. This, my friends, is what my mind conjured up in the moment. I enjoy it, but only when I narrate it with a mysterious voice. Silly, I'm aware.

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