Rainbow Of My Heart

July 16, 2011
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There are different colors
In my heart
And they form a rainbow
One color missing
And I wouldn't be the same
One color missing
I would have you to blame

Red is for the anger
I often feel
I say things I don't mean
And I push people away

Orange is for my weirdness
My unique self
How I never change
No matter what people say

Yellow is for my brightness
My intelligence, if you will
I use to help people out
But now I'm getting helped out

Green is for the jealously
I no longer have
When I see him with her
I start laugh

Blue is for the sadness
I feel from time to time
I often feel like crying
And I just don't know why

Purple, the last color
Is for my loyalty and respect
Be true to me
And I will always be true to you

These are the colors
The colors of my heart
Without them I would probably
Fall apart

Now that you know them
And know them well
Use them wisely
And you won't fail

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