I'm Not Going To Write a Poem About Seasons

July 16, 2011
By Julia Sullivan BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
Julia Sullivan BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
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I’m not going to write a poem about seasons
Not a poem for spring
or summer
or fall
or winter
Not about how the leaves change from emerald green
to crimson
Or how the leaves float- No
how they dive to the ground
as they
crumple, crinkle, die
Or about
the pumpkins to grow
the leaves to blow
The footballs to throw
Not about the first day you need
a pair of mittens
and a coat
and a hat
Or how each snowflake that falls- No
that flies from the sky
has its own
shape, pattern, personality
Or about
the cold to bear
the layers to wear
the joy to share

Not about breaking out the rain boots
getting wet
Or about how the flowers
start to bloom- No
start to flourish
in vibrant colors of
pink, purple, yellow
Or about
the rain to greet
the birds to tweet
the Easter candy to eat
Not about saying hello to clear skies
and swimsuits
Or about the ocean waves
that call-No
that sing to me
inviting me in to
jump, leap, dance
Or about
the families to dine
the sun to shine
the stars to align
I’m not going to write a poem about seasons

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