I Love

July 20, 2011
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I love my brother,
Always willing to give me a hug.

I love my mom,
And her warm shoulder to cry on.

I love my dad,
Working all day to get us by.

I love my friends,
Trusted enough to know my secrets.

I love my golden-retriever,
A faithful companion for all time.

I love my cat,
Cuddling up close when I need her most.

I love to read,
Being transported to another world with each word.

I love to play video games,
Where when you die you still have two lives left.

I love sports,
Screaming in joy when my team scores a point.

I love to climb trees,
Seeing the world from a new angle.

I love chocolate,
The taste no food can compare.

I love to sleep,
In hopes of dreaming.

I love to workout,
Feeling my muscles being used.

I love not to workout,
Having laziness surround me.

I love to write,
An escape from the real world.

I love water,
Swimming into its wonders.

I love babies,
Giggling bundles of joy and innocence.

I love movies,
Watching plots twist and turn.

I love presents,
The surprised the surrounds each one.

I love church,
Worshiping God and his glory.

I love to laugh,
The way it lightens my soul.

I love to dance,
To twirl around until I’m too dizzy to go on.

I love to sing,
Alone in my room where no one can hear.

I love to watch,
To see how people walk and move.

I love to listen,
To hear small lilts and mispronunciations in words.

I love many things,
How could I not?

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